Whole Egg Powder
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Whole Egg Powder

$ 5.70-5.80 /kilogram  wholesale
Delivery terms: CIF Montreal, Canada
Ков Алексей Владимирович, коммерческий директор
Flagma member since 20 February 2019

We offer for sale egg powder (Whole Egg Powder) wholesale standards for export to the countries of the European Union, USA and Canada, Gulf countries.
Constantly in stock.
The advantage of egg powder is that it retains absolutely all the properties of fresh eggs, but it is much more convenient to transport, store and use.
Application, various sauces (mayonnaise, white sauces, etc.), pastries (cakes, pastries, cookies, etc.), sausages, etc. Expiration date: at a temperature not higher than 2 degrees Celsius and relative humidity not more than 75% - 24 months.
- Whole Egg Powder
Payment: LC
Per month from 100 to 1000 metric tons.

Posted: 20 February 2019, 07:08
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