Wheat 2,3,4,5,6 grade. (Ukraine, Russia Origin)
Wheat 2,3,4,5,6 grade. (Ukraine, Russia Origin) - фото 1
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Wheat 2,3,4,5,6 grade. (Ukraine, Russia Origin)

Цена по запросу
Alex Konsors
на Флагма с 19 августа 2016


In our capacity as Trading, LLC «Smart Agro Invest» in Ukraine seeks to service quality care and production customers seeking trust end responsibility.

We work directly with farmers owners, grain silos facilities, mills flour plants, oil plants presses and pellets, and logistics grains haulers trucking companies, rail cargo and river barges what make us strategic operators to achieve the projected goals anywhere in the world.

To achieve the balance we have our partner sellers that finance the purchases direct from farmer’s commodities productions, facilitating customer requested.
Our request is simple, that through mid-commitments established by banks that support us the customer's ability and compliance of the draft contract, it is enough to engage in the purchase of commodities requested by customers.
LLC «Smart Agro Invest» is specialized in collecting (with pre-selection and quality control, according to requirements of the purchaser), maintenance of the animals up to delivery, ensuring all veterinary procedures, quarantine (min. 30 days required after Contract and Order signed, the first installment paid), as well as customs procedures, performing of all certificates and documents required for export, and facilitating transport operations of live animals.
Dear Partners, please find below the following commercial proposal for Wheat, Yellow Corn, Feed Barley, Sunflower oil seeds.
Products: Wheat, Yellow Corn, Feed Barley
Origin: Russia, Ukraine
Quantity: 5 000 – 50 000 tones * 12 months.
Packing : Polyprophelene Bag 50 kg, In bulk
Port of loading: Black sea ports of Russia
Specifications :

Moisture: 14%max.,
Gluten: 21%min.,
Protein: 11,5%min.,
Falling number: 250 sec. minimum,
Damage kernel: 5%max.,
Foreign matters: 2%max.

Yellow Corn

- Moisture: 14% max.,
- Protein: 8% min.,
- Broken Kernels: 3%max.,
- Damage kernel: 5% max.,
- Foreign matters: 1.5% max
- Aflatoxin: 20 ppb max

Feed Barley

Moisture: 14%max.,
Damage kernel: 1,2%max.,
Foreign matters: 5%max.
Wheat 3rd
- Natura – 760g / l;( min)
- Gluten – 26% (min) ISO
- Protein – 12,5%( min)
- Humidity – (max)13,5%;
- Weed impurity – (max) 2%;
- Foreign grain – (max) 5%;
- The number of falls – 250 (min)
Wheat 4th
- Natura – 782g / l;( min)
- Gluten – 18 % (min)
- Protein – 11,5%( min)
- Humidity – (max)13,5 %;
- Weed impurity – (max) 2%;
- Foreign grain – (max) 5%;
- The number of falls – 130 (min)
Sunflower oil seeds
- Moisture 9%
- Squad admixture of up to 4%
- Olives admixture of up to 6%
- Oil content 42-50% min.
- Infectiousness, toxicity is not allowed
- Other parameters of quality according to GOST 22391-89.
Guarantee and payment terms conditions:

1. The buyer bank sent via SWIFT-MT-760 to seller bank by total monthly amount of commodity agree upon buyer open instrument guarantee, Operative, Irrevocable, confirmed, Transferable, payable 100% Cash Back against all documents at loading port, buyer will receive all complete documents as certificate by on the commodity requested loaded cargo released for export, payment will be release 100% at finish loading the vessel at loading port.
2. In the course 2 (two) working days of signed contract.
3. The Buyer transmit via SWIFT MT-760 to sellers banking coordinates and send via e-mail the copy of SWIFT forward by buyers bank to sellers via e-mail the copy.
4. Bank list 25 TOP:
5. With this payment system is the only way to sustain the price, quantities required by the customer and ensure sustainable delivery on total contract.

Documents required to send SWIFT within 24 hours
1- Contract signed and stamped by the Seller, Customer and Trading
2- Proforma invoice signed and stamped by vendor and customer

We work with real buyers. If necessary, we will sign an agency agreement. You have money, we have a product.
Team Smart Agro Invest

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